A self-learning system for Arabic Braille

A self-learning system for Arabic Braille

Dr Abdulmalik AlSalman

Sunday, 15 Rajab 1439 AH - 1 April 2018 AD 10:20 AM-12:00 PM Auditorium 4

Professor Abdulmalik AlSalman

Computer Science Department

King Saud University

He received his BS from Computer Science Department, King Saud University with first class honor, his MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science with distinction, USA. He served as a chairman of Computer Science Department, KSU, Vice dean of the Computing College, KSU, and the General Secretary of the Scientific Council, KSU. He was a part-time consultant at many public and private entities. He participated in many committees and tens of conferences. He published more than 100 publications. His current research areas include Assistive technologies and Arabic natural language processing.


A self-learning system for Arabic Braille

Abdulmalik AlSalman & Suha Al Abbed


Braille is the system which enables visually impaired people to read and write. The visually impaired may not be able to enroll in special training programs that teach Braille system for any reason. In this sense, the idea of this work is to provide a computer-based, self-learning system that teaches Braille symbols to the visually impaired, (provided that he/she has the basic knowledge about using computer). Through this program, the blind can learn Braille symbols (letters, numbers, punctuation, abbreviations for some Arabic words) by using the computer, Braille display and the screen reader program. The user can learn Braille symbols through a series of construction lessons (letters, numbers, punctuation marks, abbreviations for some words). Also, the user can measure the level of his/her progress by answering a number of questions which are related to those lessons.  More than one person can access the Braille self-learning system, so that the progress of each one can be monitored by the instructor/administrator.