Non-Governmental Organizations

Sunday, 15 Rajab 1439 AH - 1 April 2018 AD 10:20 AM - 12:00 PM Auditorium 1

Session moderator : Dr Talat Al Wazna


1- Disabilities: Support from Non-Profits and Philanthropy

O-7 : Speaker : Dr Vera Luxner

Time: 10:20 AM -10:40 AM

Vera Luxner

Director of Institutional Giving

Inova Health System


Vera S. Luxner has dedicated more than 10 years leading successful fundraising campaigns on behalf of internationally recognized hospitals to improve the health of children and adults worldwide. She has personally raised more than $36 million to support projects related to research and innovations in medicine, business development, education and international relations.

Vera’s science, business and marketing education enrich her interactions with prospects, donors, board members, volunteers, nurses, physician-scientists and senior leadership. Building fundraising strategies and developing strong relationships with donors define her daily work.


Disabilities: Support from Non-Profits and Philanthropy


While celebrating the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) this year, I focus on who are funding, supporting, advocating, and partnering to advance the situation of people with disabilities around the world, including those with disabilities related to ageing.

I shall provide an overview of global philanthropic organisations advancing the field of disability including a specific sample:  The Kellar School at Inova Health System in Virginia; to illustrate some of their disability-related work, outlining their approach and achievements, as well as some challenges and learnings.

Also, I shall talk about Inova Rehabilitation Center, a world class specialized facility dedicated to the recovery of people with disabilities from brain, stroke, spinal cord, orthopedic, neurological injuries. Each year, we treat thousands of inpatients and outpatients thanks to over two hundred dedicated rehabilitation specialists who are exclusive to the center alone.

Last, I shall share two patient’s stories.

2- Impact: The Purpose and Promise of Charities in Saudi Arabia

O-8 : Speaker: Doug White

Time: 10:40 AM -11:00 AM

Doug White

Advisor – Non Profit Organizations

Doug White, a long-time leader in the nation's philanthropic community, is an author, teacher, and an advisor to nonprofit organizations and philanthropists. He is the former director of the Master of Science in Fundraising Management program at Columbia University in New York City, where he also taught board governance, ethics and fundraising.  He is the author of five books on philanthropy.  Since 1979 Doug has advised hundreds of charities of all types and sizes. Today, he works closely with select organizations on ethical decision-making, board governance, and fundraising, as well as with individual philanthropists who want to see their gifts used most effectively.

Impact: The Purpose and Promise of Charities in Saudi Arabia

This presentation begins with a brief review of the structural and operational aspects of nonprofit organizations in the United State and in other countries, and then addresses the need for accountability and effectiveness.  The presenter then describes a comprehensive system of reporting and oversight would best serve Saudi Arabia.  Then – because charities play a special and unique role in society, and the world would be very different without them – the presenter will discuss how charities can be a positive force in improving society and the need to measure and communicate that improvement. 

3-  The Relationship Between Nonprofits And Businesses

O-9 : Speaker: Susan White

Time: 11:00-11:20

Susan White

Business Development, Client Data Solutions 

Bloomberg LP


In her 18 years at Bloomberg she has been responsible for cultivating talent and developing businesses that generated more than $400 million in annual revenue. Her experience spans a broad spectrum of clients in North and South America and include long standing relationships with the Hedge Fund, Banking and Investment Management community.

She derives great satisfaction in knowing that she has had a great impact on the talent she has cultivated and the business relationships that she continues to nourish. “If I can’t help, I won’t waste your time—but as a person who likes to connect people, if you have a need, I may be able to point you in the right direction.”
Prior to joining Bloomberg LP, Susan was a Sales Manager at MetLife, owned an Aromatherapy firm, and spent several years working in the mortgage-backed new issue divisions of Salomon Brothers and Lehman Brothers. She holds a BS degree in Finance. Fun facts: Susan was a flight attendant for a brief time, lived in the Caribbean for a year and back packed around the world for 14 months


The Relationship Between Nonprofits And Businesses


Collaboration between nonprofits and businesses is strategically important. As both nonprofits and businesses should benefit, partnerships should include philanthropic and transactional considerations.  How should charities approach businesses?  What, if anything, should businesses expect from charities in return for their philanthropy?  In this presentation, attendees will learn about the need for charities to establish good lines of communication with businesses that will help fund their cause.  They will also learn how charities can be clear about what they need and why helping them can often be good for businesses – and society in general.

4- Fundraising

O-10 : Speaker: Nora Alsedairy

Time: 11:20-10:40

Norah Al-Sedairy


Non-Profit Organizations

Ms. Norah Al-Sedairy has extensive experience in both consulting and nonprofit environments in the United States. Her interest in nonprofit management as a professional career began during her internship with the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research in Boston. She has worked on a wide variety of NGO projects, including CEO succession plans, consulting on board governance, addressing fundraising challenges, and grant writing. Ms. Al-Sedairy has worked with Deloitte Consulting in New York City on a project for Columbia University that conducted feasibility studies to evaluate the impact of graduate programs on alumni and staff.

Ms. Al-Sedairy’s work focuses on fundraising and development strategies for nonprofit organizations. This includes identifying prospective donors, creating annual giving plans, constructing grant proposals, analyzing foundation and corporate fundraising programs, communicating recommendations to executive leadership, and improving donor relations. She also works on identifying new sources of revenue through innovative outreach strategies by engaging with a variety of donors, sponsors, and members. Her specific area of interest includes NGOs advocating on issues related to health, education, and environment.

Ms. Al-Sedairy has her Bachelor degree from Lesley University, majoring in Business Management and specializing in Nonprofit Management. In addition, Ms. Al-Sedairy earned two Master of Science degrees from Columbia University and The New School University with majors in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising Management.


The life-blood of almost all charities is found in their ability to raise money and, thus, to create financial sustainability.  While they often have other sources of revenue, such as government grants and fees for services, charities cannot survive if they don’t obtain philanthropic support from foundations and individuals. Attendees will learn the basics of fundraising, such as the mechanics and scheduling of the process, how to make the most out of personal visits, and how best to make their case and craft their appeals for the best results.

5- Brain Health – A Global Goal for All Mankind

O-11 : Speaker: Garen Staglin

Time: 11:40-12:00

Garen K. Staglin

Founder and Co-Chairman of One Mind

Garen is a Founder and Co-Chairman of One Mind (www.onemiond.org).  Launched in 2011 with former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, ONE MIND™ is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to curing the diseases of the brain and eliminating the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and brain injuries. ONE MIND™ sponsors groundbreaking new research and creates portals to shared scientific data, leading to improved diagnostics, more effective treatment, and, ultimately, cures for all types of mental illness and brain injury.


Brain Health – A Global Goal for All Mankind

Brian Disease is the #1 Cause of Adult Disability.  Because it generally strikes people when they are young, the World Health Organization puts it at the top of the list in terms of economic impact on countries across the world (as measured in DALYS).  While certain mechanisms and genetic mutations have been identified by scientists working in isolation, real progress in unlocking the mysteries of the brain by large scale collaborative projects involving shared insights, aka “open science.”  Mr. Staglin will present the results of two exemplary longitudinal studies involving multiple research sites who agreed to share data and intellectual property which have resulted in breakthroughs in brain disease research.  The National Prodrome Longitudinal Study (NAPLS) was originally launched in 1995 with seed funding from the Staglin Family and One Mind.  This 9 site effort was subsequently the beneficiary of two NIMH grants totaling $45 Million and has  focused on early detection for youth at risk for psychosis.  With a cohort of over 1,000 NAPLS has successfully developed protocols which have a 70% accuracy in predicting the likelihood of psychosis before it happens and treatment protocols that can significantly delay onset.  Mr. Staglin will also present findings from TRACK II – TBI, also benefitting from early support by One Mind, a 19 site Level 1 Trauma center study of 3,000 patients with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  By working tougher and sharing data, TRACK has secured combined funding from the National Institute of Health and Department of Defense ($34 Million) and contributions from industry for over $47 Million.  Track-II research data has developed a bio-marker for both Blood and Imaging which have received a Letter of Support from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are working on a commercial adaptation with Abbott Labs.  He was also lay out a plan for a global collaborative research effort to be supported by a social impact Bond issued by the World Bank.  These efforts are targeted at reducing the $3 Trillion global economic burden of brain disease..