Day One Sunday 25 Thu Alhijja 1435 AH - 19 October 2014 AD

Medical & Laws - Legislation

8:00 am – 9:00 p m


Session Moderator s

Medical Sciences

H.E. Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Suwailm

Dr Saleh Al-Salhi

9:00 am – 9:25 a m

Exhibits Open

Genes and Disability: The Past, The Present and The FutureProf Fowzan Alkuraya

Prince Salman Award Winner (Medical & Health Sciences)

9:25am – 9:50 a m

Sourcing your own therapies: from stem cells to cures.

Dr Pete Coffey

9 :50am – 10:00 am


10:00am- - 10:15 am


Session Moderators

International Laws and Regulations

HRH: Prince Sultan Bin Salman

H.E. Dr Bandar Al-Aiban

10:15am -10:35a m

The rights of persons with disability in the UN system

Dr Vladimir Cuk

10:35am – 10:55a m

The rights of persons with disabilities in the light of the International Convention and the Optional Protocol, and local and regional legislations

Prof. Mohsen El Hazmi

1 0:55am – 11:15am

Towards quality of life through inclusive implementation of human rights

Dr. Liisa Kauppinen

1 1:15am – 11:35am

the achievements of the kingdom of saudi arabia on the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

dr talaat alwazna

11:35am – 11:45a m


11:45 am -1:00p m

Dhuhr Prayer (11:39PM) & Lunch Break

Session s

Genetics & Neuroscience


Assistive technology

Stem Cell Application


Round table


Session Moderator s

Dr.hisham al-dalaan

dr. fahad albshery

Dr. Mervat Tashkandi

Dr. Heidi Al-Askary

Dr. Abdulaziz al-Suwailem

Dr. Brent Betit

Dr. abdullah al-dahmash

dr. abdullah al-awad

1:00pm-1:25p m

The time to reap the benefits of the Mendeliome is now

Profr Fowzan Alkuraya

Rights of persons with disabilities in Saudi laws

Mr. Ahmed almuhameed

Standards of universal access in the rehabilitation and integration of persons with disabilities

Dr Faten Al Yafi

Retinal transplantation: seeing is believing

Prof Pete Coffey

Implementation of the Universal Design concept in policy making for the private, social and public sector

Dr Andres Balcazar

Discussion ofthe recommendations ofthe First, Second, and Third Conferences

1:25pm-1:50p m

Promising, Evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic innovations for Autism

Dr Mohammed Aldosari

Language planning and standardization in the Deaf Community: What are the human rights implications?

Dr Robert Adam

The state of eAccessibility in Saudi Arabia

Dr Hend Al Khalifa

Repairing the ear with stem cells: paving the way for a treatment for hearing loss

Dr Marcelo Rivolta


Neurodegenerative disorders in childhood

Dr Mohammad Mhaizei

Legislations and educational systems for people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia - an analytical study

Dr. Nada Saleh Al Romaih

Accessible images: lessons from 20 years of innovation supporting visually impaired people

Dr Sarah Morley Wilkins

Human Neural Stem Cell (hNSC) trial for Spinal Cord Injury

Dr Brian Cummings


White matter mechanism of changes in Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr Margherita Di Paola

Persons with disabilities, from the perspective of human rights legislation and global development goals, legislation and national plans in the State of Qatar

Dr Asma Al-Attiyah

Assistive Technology: Better Quality of Life

Dr Pantelis Makris

Stem Cell Therapies for the Neurological Disease

Dr Brian Lee


Q & A


Asr Prayer (2:56PM)

Session s

Supportive Medical Services


Accessibility in Community service




Session Moderator s

dr. zaid al-zaid

marwa abdulraziq

MS Maha Al-jafali

Mr Defallah albalawi

Dr Mazin Khaiat

Dr Faten Al Yafi

3:30pm3:50p m

Treating Pain in Rehab Patients

Dr Bilal Shanti

Modifying national legislations based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and actively practicing them in real life

Dr. Rajaa Abdullah Al Musabi

Chronic and Crippling diseases, and the difficulties faced by Hajj pilgrims during rites of hajj

Dr. Mohsen El Hazmi

Best practice for accessible images: standards, guidance & technologies

Dr Sarah Wilkins & Dr. Dave Gunn

Employment of Persons with Disabilities Program at MoLPlus in Saudi Arabia

Dr Mervat Tashkandi

Dr Heidi Al Askary

The S peech and A rabic L anguage A cquisition M ethod ( SALAM )

Dr Pantelis Makris


Rapid Access Acute Rehabilitation following Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Fahim Anwar

How might disability policy failure be explained? The case of employing quota schemes for persons with disabilities

Ahmed Mahmoud Ghanem

An analytical study of the reality of people with special needs from pilgrims for the year 2012 AD (1434 AH) (Field study )

Dr. Rizq AbdulHameed Fattouh


The Role of HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy in Clinical Management

Dr Riyadh Al-Khleif

I mplementation and monitoring of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Dr. Mona Mamdouh Abdeljawad

Wheelchair Users’ Accessibility to Built Environment in Riyadh

Dr. Mohammed Ali & Dr. Talal Al Harbi


Cochlear implant and future of deafness in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr Abdulrahman Hagr

Mainstreaming the Concerns of Women with Disabilities in Development

Dr Abia Akram

Implementation of accessibility as a key element for the full social inclusion of persons with disabilities

Dr Andres Balcazar



Day Two Monday 26 Thu Alhijja 1435 AH - 20 October 2014 AD

Education & Social

8:00 am – 9:00 p m


Pedagogical & Educational Sciences

Prof Nasser Al Mousa

Prof Tariq Al-Rayes

9:00 am – 9:25 a m

Exhibits Open

A Comprehensive Research Agenda to Enhance Family Quality of Life: Theoretical and Empirical Guidance

Dr. Ann Turnbull

Prince Salman Award Winners (Pedagogical & Educational Sciences)

9:25am-9:50a m

The Significance of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for Special Education Policy and Practice

Dr. Rutherford Turnbull

Prince Salman Award Winners (Pedagogical & Educational Sciences)



10:00 am – 10:15 a m


Session s

New Special Educational Strategies

Assistive Technology



Learning Disabilities

community integration

Session Moderator s

Dr. Haya al-Awad

Dr. Lina Omar Bin Saddiq

Dr. Hend Al-Kalifa

Dr. Layla Al-Eyadhi

Dr. Abdullah Al-Aqeel

Dr. Mosaad Abu Al Diyar

Dr. Hisham Al-Haidary

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sabi

Dr. Ahmad Al-timimi Dr. Othman Al-Othman

Dr. Ali Al-hunaki

Dr. Ali Al-Rubaian

1 0:15am -10:40am

Lighting the Way to Learning for Students with Learning Disabilities

The Beacon College Model

Dr. Shelly Chandler

Arab Network for disabilities
Dr Mohamed Dorgham

Disability & Society – Enabling Inclusive Communities’

Dr. Michele MooreUNICEF

The effect of the assessment of articulation and phonology diagnosis of children with communicative disorders

Dr Enas Oliemat

Learning Disability Services in the Kingdom: the current situation and future needs

Dr. Ibrahim Abonyan

A Medical Home: Integrated Care for Children with and without Disabilities

Dr. Caroline Schroeder

1 0:40am – 11:05am

Educating Struggling Students: Understanding and Managing Cognitive Load

Dr. Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki

Using eBooks formats to deliver accessible information to people with disabilities

Dr. Dave Gunn

Understanding the Complexities of Inclusive Education From a Comparative Perspective: How Cultural Histories Shape the Ways That Teachers Respond to Multiple Forms of Diversity

Dr. Elizabeth Kozleski

The nature of operational functions in people with autism and ways to measure them

Dr. Sayed Saad Al Khamesi

The Integration of Common Assistive Technologies into the Teaching and Learning Environment

Dr. Brent Betit

The application of the productive school for education of people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia - An Applied Proposal

Dr. Arwa Ali Akhdar

1 1:05am – 11:30am

Educational procedures used in teaching people with moderate to severe disabilities

Dr. Bandar Al Otaibi

Technology Access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Dr. Christian Vogler objective or a way ?

Considerations about integrating deaf people in different environments

Dr. Tariq Al Rayes

A study of the psychometric properties of the diagnosis scale of Asperger's disorder

Dr. Abdulaziz AlSayed AlShakhs

Battery for Diagnostic Assessments of Literacy and Literacy-related skills for Saudi Arabia

Dr.Saja Jamjoom

Phonology in sign language

Dr. Youssef Al Turki

11:30am – 11:45a m

Q & A

11:45 am -1:00p m

Dhuhr Prayer (11:38PM) & Lunch Break

Session s







Round table



Establishing Functional Special Education Policies and Guidelines

George Hagerty

Educational and Assessment Technologies for Deaf Children

Dr Christian Vogler

Implementing Response to Intervention in Fourth Grade

Dr Maha Al Sulaiman

Measurement based on the curriculum and its applications in the field of reading

Dr. Zaid Al Battal & Dr. Ibrahim Abonyan

Therapeutic aspects for people with learning difficulties (therapeutic diagnostic activities and exercises)

Dr. Mosaad Abu Al Diyar

Impact of Early Intervention Using Verbotonal Practices to Improve the Verbalizing Phonemes and Morphemes for Children withcochlear implants

Dr. Lina Omar Bin Saddiq

Discussion of the recommendations of the First, Second, and Third Conferences

3:00pm-3:30p m

Asr Prayer (2:55PM)








Education Differentiation for Talented People with learning difficulties

Dr. Najat S Al Hamdan

Understanding Problematic Behavior in Children with Disabilities: A Parents Training Workshop

Dr. Mohammad Al Jabery

Life skills in visual disabilities

Mr. Anwar AlNassar

Employment of assistive technology in individual educational programs for students with special educational needs

Dr. Turki Al Quraini

Using the DSM-5 to support diagnostic decisions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders commonly found in school settings

Dr. Annita Sani

Treating children with learning disability

Mr Naif Al-Sager

Comprehensive Patient & Family Care for persons with Disability: The Role of the Community based Wellness Centers and Caregivers

Dr Mindy Aisen

Day Three Tuesday 27 Thu Alhijja 1435 AH - 21 October 2014 AD

Training-Rehabilitation-Vocational & Awareness & Media & Psychology

8:00 am – 9:00 p m


Session Moderator s

Rehabilitation & Social Sciences

Mr. AbdulAziz AL-Hadlaq

Mr. Nasser Al-Malik

9:00 am – 9:25amam

Exhibits Open

A Data-Driven Neuromuscular Model of Walking and its Application to Prosthetic and Orthotic Control

Dr. Hugh Herr

Prince Salman Award Winner(Rehabilitation & Social Sciences)

9:25 am – 9:30amam


9:30am – 9:45 a m










Session Moderator s

Dr. Ahmad Abuabah

Dr. Fahad al-busheri

Dr. Yousef Al-huzaim

Dr. Atef Mustafa

Dr. Kanaan imadudden

Dr. Majedah besar

9:45am-10:10a m

Developing a framework for the clinical definition of spasticity

Dr Anand Pandyan

Council's efforts in integrating children with disabilities

Dr. Suhair Abdel Fattah

Early Prevention of Severe Behavior Disorders among Infants and Toddlers

At-Risk for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Dr Stephen Schroeder

Applying psychological therapies to acute and chronic stage medical conditions in Arab rehabilitation settings; practical and cultural considerations

Dr Rafat Al Owesie & Dr Jason Brown

The Seven Foundations in taking care of an Alzheimer's patient at home

Dr. Fahad Khalifah al-Wahabi and Dr. Najib Qadi

Recreational therapy and its effective impact on persons with disabilities

Dr. Mohammad Omar Solan

Rehabilitation Team Rewards: DCA Experience

Dr. Zayed Al-Zayed

Dr Riyad Al-Khelaif

Dr. Mohammed Al-Muhaizea

Dr. Bashir El-Bashir

Dr. Marwa Abdulrazq

Dr. Mousa Amayreh

10:10am-10:35a m

The applications of international classification of Functioning (ICF) in Rehabilitation

Dr Ziad Hawamdeh

The needs of the disabled families for support patterns

Dr. Samira Abdul Wahab

Early Intervention: genetics, behavioral and brain development: A Review of Research

Dr Travis Thompson

10:35am-11:00a m

Long Term follow up treatment for chronic spinal cord injuries, the Jordanian team experience

Dr Ziad Al Zoubi

Diagnostic centers and early intervention and their guiding role to the families of persons with disabilities

Dr. Fawzia Mohammed Akhdar

Relationship between Learning by Observation and Brain Structures in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr Margherita Di Paola

11:00am-11:25a m

Conversion Hip disarticulation into above knee amputation & Prosthetic Management

Dr Burhan Syed Dhar

Patient Centered Care Approach (PCC)

Dr Ahmad Al Baker

Early Identification of Autism

Dr Mayada Elsabbagh

1:25 am -11:45p m

Q & A

11:45am-1:00p m

Dhuhr Prayer (11:38PM) & Lunch Break








Round table


Session Moderato r

Dr. Riyad Al-Khelaif

faiz al-shehry

Abdulmohsen Al-otaibi

Dr Arwa Akhdar

layla Al-eyadhi

Dr. Ali Al-talhi

1:00pm-1:20p m

Rehabilitation of Cerebral palsy CP using Functional Independent Measure (FIM) as indicator instruments suitable for CP: Saudi Arabia’s Perspective

Dr Bara Yousef

The role of media in integrating people with visual disabilities in society

Dr. Abdulrahman Mustafa Al Aami

The Saudi National Health and Stress Survey: Planning and Fieldwork

Dr. Abdullah Alsubaie

Managing Anxiety and Related Compulsive Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr Travis Thompson

Engineering New Possibilities for the Clinical Neurosciences and Neurorehabilitation

Dr Brian Lee & Dr Charles Liu

Community Development Program for Identification, Early Intervention and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

Dr Nyla Anjum

Discussion of the recommendations of the First, Second, and Third Conferences

1:20pm-1:40p m

Effect of constraint-induced therapy on upper limb functions; A randomized control trial

Dr. Ihab Mohammed Abu AlSaud Abdul Kafi

The role of media in the advancement of persons with disabilities through securing their participation and contribution in all types of the media

Dr Imed Eddine Chaker

Schizophrenia disability in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ibrahim H Al Khodair

1:40pm-2:00p m

Abusing the Disabled Children and Strategies to face this Problem

Prof. Ali Abdu Rabb al-Nabi Hanafi

We are all with you

Dr. Atef Abdul Aziz Mustafa

Mental disability in the Fifth Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM 5)

Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Odah

2:00pm-2:20p m

Futuristic vision for vocational rehabilitation for autistics in the light of some international experiences

Dr. Aisha bint Khalifa Al Kiyumi

Disability awareness and media contribution

Nabeel Almoalimi

The psychologist roles in the rehabilitation process for the elderly

Dr. Azza Mabrouk

2:20pm-2:40p m

The importance of analogue psychological support for people with acquired disability

Dr. Adnan Wajeeh Al Aboudi

The role of youth volunteer work in supporting and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities: future visions and best practices

Mr. Mohamed Sultan

The use of a behavioral treatment program on bedwetting (Day and Night) for people with simple and medium intellectual disabilities

Dr. Imad Mahjoub

2:40-3:00p m

Q & A

3:00pm-3:30p m

Asr Prayer (2:55PM)








Activating parental participation in therapeutic and training programs for their children with disabilities

Dr. Samira Abdul Wahab

The difficulties facing families with disabilities

Princess Samira Al Faisal

The basics of working with families of children with special needs

Dr Susan Al Ghanim

PSCDR 20 Years

Prof Mohsen El Hazmi

Dr. Terrence Dolan

Dr. Stephen Schroeder

Dr. Sultan Al Sedairy

Engineering New Possibilities for the Clinical Neurosciences and Neurorehabilitation

Dr Brian Lee & Dr Charles Liu

Quality of employing persons with a disability

Mr Fawaz Al-Dekeel

Behavioral Cognitive Therapy for people with special needs

Dr. Iman Abdel Halim Taha

4:45pm - 5:15pm

Closing Remarks

HE Dr Qasem Alqasabi

Dr Nasser Al-Muosa

5:15pm m

Magrip Prayer (5:15PM)